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The Best!

Ditch the rest. Get the best! Seriously!

Very bad application


Needs improvement

Weather forecast isn’t accurate at all! To be this inaccurate in real time is mind boggling. I wouldn’t suggest this app until there’s significant improvements!

Works For Me

Its quick, easy, and accurate.... thats all I need.

Great weather app!

I’ve been using this app since it came out, and they keep improving it and adding more features. I really like being able to get the weather for different cities—I have where I live, where I work, where my elderly mother lives, even where my stepson lives on the other side of the country. You get very detailed current info and a 5 day forecast. This app is a must for weather info!


Very informative

Satisfied overall

Definitely the most accurate weather app I’ve used yet. Great for people who work outside and are exposed to the elements daily. Nice aesthetics, not overly complex. Way better than the default weather app that comes on iPhone. You can view the weather weeks ahead and it’s generally pretty accurate. Really nice world map shows you everything you need to see. Not quite perfect but definitely decent. Well worth the $5 in my opinion. 4 out of 5 stars.

Only weather app that works!!!

This by far has to be the best most accurate, beautiful weather app there is on the market. I’ve tried many different popular apps and nothing comes as detailed than weather live!!! Crystal clear, detailed descriptions of everything related to weather that you might want to know, and fully customizable for easy usage day to day. Even the notifications are helpful and not annoying due to lack of information. Really hope this app keeps up the good work and continues to improve and not degrade it’s quality.

Poor reports Temperature is rarely correct

A number of times it has reported it was snowing and cloudy in Worcester, MA., when the sky has been crystal clear and the moon out. Presently it’s 28 degrees reported by the National Weather and two others and the app states it’s 28. Total BS 1-23-18 32 degrees out app states 48 2-16-18 presently total clouds APP SAYS......Sunny SO BAD! More wrong than right


It’s is not easy to understand, not user friendly.

Great app

Very useful and accurate. I like the "feels like" temperature feature.

Weather app

Unfortunately this app completely inaccurate. I paid $3.00 for something that I thought would be more useful (especially with the work I do I need accuracy in weather) and this app failed

Simple and easy to use

I love the visuals on this app

Información equivocada para Porlamar

No da la información adecuada. Indica lluvia los días de sol

Great app.

Love it very accurate description of real time weather.

Best Yet

I have three apps - 2 local news and this one. This app out performs the local weather apps hands down! I have it on my I-pad and I-phone.

Love this app!

I view the weather conditions on the app almost daily - very accurate... I once watched my local news stations for the weather forecast, now I only go to Weather Live!

Accuracy non existent

I travel a lot and I can attest that this app is sub-standard on all other weather app I tried. The alerts will come several hours after gouvernement issued them (Even warning that are time critical are missed by this bug) I sent several email detailing this to app support and still no sign of any improvement.

Easy to read and quick to setup Very good

Use it frequently

Upgrade To Premium

Saw this app on IG so decided to try. Downloaded and before I could even check it out it prompted me 3 times to upgrade to premium with one if those “FREE TRIALS” that auto charge you every month when you forget to cancel. Plus lots of pop-ups for other apps. So annoyed I just deleted it. Can’t say it is better or worse than any other weather app. I wouldn’t know. I didn’t get that far. The no chill level approach to getting me to upgrade to PREMIUM before even trying your free app kind of says everything I need to know.

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