Weather Live - Weather Forecast, Radar and Alerts App Reviews

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Its one of the really good weather app I us.

Good clean info with some of the best apps to use. I like it you can see all you need right there in one screen.

Does everything I need it to do.

Great weather app. Easy to understand and works great with my GPS.

Weather app

Great app. Like to be able to see weather in cities that Im visiting. Usually pretty accurate and would recommend it.

Must accurate weather app

Have used several apps but this the best I have found along with NOAA radar makes alerts better .


This app is very colorful. The very detailed app is usually accurate.


Incredibly comprehensive and yet easy to read.

Terrible app. Takes hours to update. 20° off.

I would not recommend this app when the free ones are all more accurate. I compared this to Accuweather,, and my radar and this was the only one that was way inconsistent from the rest.

Not accurate

Edit #2 this app is really worthless. The temp is saying 69 when it is 94 outside. Countless refresh does nothing. Am having to rewrite my review. This app says its sunny outside when, in fact, were having a thunderstorm. Im not sure where this app is getting their information from but the only thing that works about this app is the temperature. Too bad I cant get a refund.

Never Accurate

This app and the NOAA app are never accurate. When its easy to see that its over 80° and sunny, this app shows its 65° and cloudy. I can see variation, but these two are incredibly off. I depend on decent weather to work, so I purchased a few. Dark Sky and AccuWeather are definitely the best. If you just need to know when it will rain, get Dark Sky. It will alert you to the minute when rain is starting and stopping - and its surprisingly accurate. If you want a lot more info, get AccuWeather - its the all around best.


Youre only twenty degrees off Its 79 out but youre saying sixty five


Good if u want t track weather condition.

Good weather app now

I like the new improvements, larger screen image and real time temperature on the app icon. Lots of options especially rain map.

Love it!!

I just started using this app but Im already in love with the layout and way the information is presented

Weather live


Great app

This is a great weather app one if two I use

Great app

Ive been using Weather Live for several years. Its always reliable and follows me around town displaying current temps.

Pretty good!

I like this app a lot, the only thing is it doesnt really say if thunderstorms are predicted, it seems to always just say "patchy light rain with thunder" but thats a little vague for my tastes. But overall Im happy with it.

Best of three

This has become my go to weather app. It is full of useful data.

Weather Live

Great app. Simple to use. Alway there when you need it

Perfect and seamless.

Does what you want it to, when you want it to. Every update has taken this to what it is, the perfectly clean weather app.

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