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Weather app

Best app on the planet Why? Just weather

Nice weather app

This is one of two weather apps I use. Great local forecast and excellent hurricane tracking. Used this program extensively during this past storm season. Thank you.

Inaccurate weather

Crap! Not accurate at all

Notification issue

Guys, this app is pretty good, but I live in a climate where it hovers above and below zero degrees almost every day in the fall/winter/spring. I can’t deactivate the notification that tells me “it’s freezing!” every single day. I don’t need this. The “alert when temperature reaches zero” setting does not work. If you turn it on, the notification says “it’s zero degrees” and if you turn it off it says “it’s freezing out” as if there’s a difference. I don’t want to turn off the notifications altogether but this one is not necessary.


Best weather app ever. A lot of info on one screen.

Very useful

This App has been very handy because it keeps me abreast of the climate where I am, as soon as I get there. Plus I can foresee the clothes to take when I travel for a few days. I recommend this useful tool.

Excellent app

Very flexible the app is great it might be helpful if the app notifications for update be don directly when iOS UPDATES...

Highly and regularly inaccurate

Useful only for the current temperature. I like the graphics but weather must be accurate as a minimum standard


Why does my app show that i have 40 alerts but when i go in the app there is nowhere to clear them? It’s annoying other than that everything i beautiful!

Jon boy

Of all the weather apps I use this is the one I always open first. I use it on my iPhone, Iwatch and iPad.

Real good

Real good

Best weather display, terrible weather predictions

Constantly asks you for a review so I constantly give it a 1 Star. Pro- This is probably the best weather display out there. I cannot say enough about how awesome the arrangement of data is on this app. BUT a pretty interface means nothing if the information is wrong most of the time. Con -The only problem is that the weather information it displays is mostly NOT accurate for me (I live in LA). Hopefully in the future the app maker can give us an option to choose where we get our weather information from. Right now Im stuck using the Weather Channel app. Not as pretty as this app but definitely more accurate weather info. You want a pretty looking app? Get this, or download a picture of a diamond. You want accurate weather information? Get something else.


Pleasant and appealing App. Easy to see the weather for the day, later, the next day or looking ahead.

Like Muchly

Muchly Like!


It might be nice if the small forecast icons were colors, like the main graphic. Yellow sun, gray clouds, etc.. There’s little differentiation between a clear circle and a clear cloud. Otherwise, an excellent app.

Weather live

It is a great app and its easy to use

All one needs to know at a glance

The app is easy to use and clearly shows all weather conditions.

Comprehensive weather reports

These folks look out the window once in a while so their forecasts are normally right on ...I especially like the local temperatures on the face page, just turn on the device and it is right in front of me, very useful ...and the rain projection portion is unlike any other app, this is the best by far accurate timely ..

Good app

Good App. Way more weather information than the default weather app on iOS.

Some what inaccurate

Compared to other sites which seem to have similar temps and forecasts this one is out sometimes 12 deg which when your paying for an app you would expect accuracy. Not all that happy with it.

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